Fighting against form spam is always a necessary job for any website owners as it is so annoying to see the submission full of immaterial information.

If you are finding for a solution, Google Captcha will be the right answer. This article is about to answer what Captcha, reCaptcha, securimage is and how to make it work effectively.

The most common type of Captcha was originally invented in 1997. This form requires users to type the letters of a distorted image, sometimes with the addition of an obscured sequence of letters or digits. It  is commonly used as a solution against bots by preventing comment spam and stopping fake registrations. However, it is undeniable that Captcha can be time-consuming and challenging at times.  

Since we introduced JSN PowerAdmin to Joomla community as a solution that simplifies the usability

of Joomla admin panel, the extension is always the most download product and get 100% best score on Joomla Extension Directory. It means that JSN PowerAdmin is really a helpful tool for Joomla users to manage websites and bring a better User Experience to Joomla backend.

Remember the last time you open an article and didn't know why there were some changes that you do

not expect? You had no idea know who was the one who changed the article, did not keep the old version anywhere in your computer! It would be so stressful if you have to sit down and try to find every little detail to make sure that important words and figures remained as expected. In many cases, a tiny unexpected change in your website's contents could be a big deal for your business.



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