Today, October 09, 2017, JoomlaShine releases the new version 1.0.6 of JSN PageBuilder 3 with great efforts on improving product. The new updates are about bug fixes for version 1.0.5, which includes some significant bugs such as:

  • Fix tab element
  • Fix custom module element
  • Fix custom HTML element
  • Fix animations picker
  • Fix preset style

In addition, there are some other minor updates related to elements and browsers. With the release of JSN PageBuilder 3 version 1.0.6, we would like to say thanks to JSN users who give us crucial feedback on version 1.0.5 right after the product is available. Our agile team hopes that their immediate response will fulfill their expectation as well as to serve other Page Builder users better.

Finally, for Page Builder users who haven’t use JSN PageBuilder 3 1.0.5, we would like to highlight some new features which are maintained in version 1.0.6. They are:

  • Instagram element.
  • Background Parallax for section.
  • Animation for elements.

The first two features are developed to improve engagement and visual efficiency for website pages, when the third one enhances UX for the product. All of them are running smoothly on JSN PageBuilder 3 1.0.6.

Trial subscription of JSN PageBuilder 3 now is available on all JSN Templates in both free and paid license. Get a free Joomla templates by click here.

Moreover, from OCtober 07 to October 23 JoomlaShine give 20% discount and 6 months extra support for all JSN PageBuilder 3 developer subscription, visit our Page Builder page for more detail.



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