Today, JoomlaShine would like to announce an official release of JSN PageBuilder 3 with a lot of upgrades and improvement in comparison with the current generation JSN PageBuilder 2. In order to prepare for the release of JSN PageBuilder 3

the beta version was released in 11 September, 2017. After 10 days we have 600 users and their feedback is very good. During the trial time, some bug fixes are executed to ensure the smooth operation and optimal UI and UX.

Panel for element selection is moved on the left with innovative design and smoother drag-and-drop operation. Inspector panel stays on the right, it appears when an element on page layout is chosen.

The new generation, JSN PageBuilder 3, with the new interface, features and product roadmap is our revolution resulted by experience from one year working on JSN PageBuilder 2. It confirms our efforts, there are 1800 commit code for git repository of the project, to bring customer a stable and powerful product that has no conflict with current version.

The official version doesn’t have much different with the beta version because the main core is stable and the maintenance will take a big part our work to improve the extension's performance. However, there will be some new features that can be equipped in later versions such as sample templates for page sections and page articles, more color schemes for screen editor, and more advanced features for professional Joomla users. Improvement for product design and functions for elements are also added in our product roadmap.



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